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his Web site is maintained by Chuck Gysi, N2DUP.  Chuck is a contributing editor to the Bearcat Radio Club's National Communications magazine and coordinated the trunking data in the former Police Call directories. He's a former editor and long-time writer for Popular Communications magazine and also has appeared in publications such as Monitoring Times, QST and 73.

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About my scanner frequency lists:

My frequency lists on my web site are like none other.  I don't regurgitate FCC data and I don't steal from other sites.  All the frequencies listed are from my own on-site monitoring efforts.  I love to log CTCSS and DCS tones.  That's part of my enjoyment from the hobby.  I also like to monitor trunked systems and identify talkgroups.  Most of my information is unpublished except for what you see on my web site here. 

I also make an effort to monitor when I travel, and love to log as much as possible, whether it is for an overnight visit, or a week.  Some locales have been visited more than once and I keep improving the information I post.  The important thing to know is that all frequencies listed should be active.  I don't list frequencies that I don't hear traffic on! 

While I make the extraordinary effort to share these lists with you, I ask for two things in return as you view them:

First, keep in mind that this is a labor of love for me.  PLEASE don't steal my information.  I have found some of this info posted on other web sites.  And trust me, I generally know who you are if you do that.  My information legally is copyright material.  I'm a journalist and I know the law.  Don't make me enforce that law!  Use this info for your listening enhancement.  I slip "coded" info into my lists, and if I find this info on other sites, I will know where it came from.  If I continue to find my info spread around, I will remove it.  In all honesty, I post the info primarily for myself so I can access the information at work or on the road.  It forces me to keep up to date.

Secondly, I am asking for your help.  While I make a huge effort to try and identify stations I hear with their CTCSS or DCS tones, there are many frequencies I have not identified because perhaps there are too many nearby licensees on the same channel or perhaps I have stumbled across an unlicensed radio user (there are more of those than you can believe!).  If you know who is using a certain frequency and tone in my lists, drop me an e-mail and I will update the information if you are sure of the station.  That would be a big help!

Lastly, I do use some standard abbreviations in my lists.  If you are new to scanning or don't understand my information ... send an e-mail!  I'd be glad to help you out.

73, Chuck, N2DUP

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